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The Historic Town Centre of Cervia

Here, there’s not only sea, come and discover the beautiful historic city centre of Cervia

The historic city centre of Cervia offers many things to see, such as the famous Magazzini del Sale (Salt Warehouses).
These are two particular structures that in modern terms would be defined as “industrial”, for the very reason that, in the not-too-distant past, they were used for the processing of salt, the so-called “white gold”.
The Salt Warehouses can easily be reached on foot from our hotel in Cervia and can be accessed by disabled visitors. Next to these, it is possible to see the San Michele Tower, commissioned between 1689 and 1691 by Count Michelangelo Maffei, as protection against pirate raids.
Which are the Salt Warehouses and where are they situated?
The two buildings, the Magazzino Torre (Tower Warehouse) and the Magazzino Darsena (Dock Warehouse), are situated in the historic town centre of Cervia, alongside the Canal Port, a fundamental artery for the economic life of the city, and even today their appearance is still well-preserved, despite the fact that they are no longer used as safe storage facilities for the salt extracted from the salt flats.
The transport of salt to Cervia
The Salt Warehouses in Cervia were capable of holding a total of 230,000 quintals of salt, and this gives you an idea of how important they were for the local economy. These buildings are proof of both the ancient and modern history of the city: the Magazzino Darsena (Dock Warehouse) was built using material recovered from the old city; instead the Magazzino Torre (Tower Warehouse) represents the birth of the new city.
A visit to the Salt Museum in Cervia
The Salt Museum, also known as Musa, is situated inside the Tower Warehouse and it provides multimedia and audio-visual itineraries, images and models taking you into the depths of the salt workers’ world. This is an absolute must-see for those who visit the historic city centre, only a stone’s throw away from the Hotel Athena!