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Mirabilandia Park

Offers for Mirabilandia: hovering between playing and enjoyment

Not far from Ravenna, immersed in the greenery of the trees, Mirabilandia is the largest amusement park in Italy due to the area it covers.

Mirabilandia is in a world of its own, as it is divided into several large areas, each of which has its own unique atmosphere with surprising attractions that are suitable for the entire family. The park provides shows and entertainment that are changed every year in order to always offer visitors something new and exciting.

The main attractions include Sierra Tonante, the famous rollercoaster that can be seen in the amusement park logo, capable of triggering strong emotions with its breath-taking movements. Niagara is a must for thrill-seekers and those who are not afraid of heights with its renowned 27-metre waterfall; while the utmost adrenalin-packed ride is the new attraction, Katun, a rollercoaster that carries out a vertical loop and which reaches a speed of 110 Km/h.
Yet in Mirabilandia you can also go for a ride on Ferris wheels and suspended coloured trains that cross the entire park and which are popular with the youngest visitors who often become fond of the wonderful mascots, Mike and Otto.

Apart from entertainments and diving into the swimming pool, you can also watch the explosive displays of the stuntmen who stage the scenes of the Blues Brothers or Scuola di Polizia (Police Academy).

Finally, Mirabilandia Beach is worthy of mention, the detailed reproduction of a Caribbean beach from which it is possible to swim to a huge water castle and take part in the pirate adventures, while cannons are firing away….water cannons of course!

The Hotel Athena in Cervia is only a few kilometres away from Mirabilandia, with which it is connected by means of a shuttle bus service.